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Photography, who need a pro? Do it ya’ self.

Date Added: July 26, 2012 12:06:29 PM
Author: Charles Sturge
Category: Commercial Photography

It’s a question I’m sometimes asked buy people I meet, “are you worried?” they say, and yes modern cameras do a lot of thinking, they really do make very intelligent decisions, they also work well in difficult lighting conditions and do a great job at colour correction, for example, moving from outside to a mixed light interior would not represent too big a challenge, a quick flick of the dials and you’re good to go. Just set the colour balance and ISO and your off. It’s simple.

The truth is that I like it when my clients understand what it means to take a picture, you see in my head, I’m thinking F’stops, exposure, colour balance, depth of field, convergence, composition, and that’s in the few seconds before pushing the button. Added to this there is the complication of my lights, do I want soft light, hard light, backlight, fill light, perhaps bounced or reflected.

And taking the pictures is only half the job, next is postproduction. Spot removal, colour correction, lightening, darkening, smoothing, moving, replacing and pinching. Hue, saturation, bit depth, black density; I could go on all day. Making images is about being able to see and understand light, form, balance and emotional response. For me a good image is one that consumes you. How long do you look at it? I’m not always interested if you like it …unless you are paying of course!!!

So should you do it ya’ self? For me client photography is all about listening. Sometimes you know want you want, sometimes you know what you don’t want and sometimes you don’t say when you should. I believe that good photography comes first from good communication. Can I interpret your mind’s eye view better than you? If you want to try, go for it, it’s not that hard. Pick up your cameras and create. It’s very rewarding. I’d love to know how you got on. Charles Sturge Call for a chat: London +44 (0)20 77375509 corporate photographer | architectural photographer

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